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Springtime Sunburn

Spring has finally arrived! Trees are showing off their white, pink, and green colors as they begin to grow and blossom. However, pretty colors are not the only things that will stand out as spring starts to take full effect. According to the American Cancer Society, ultraviolet rays from the sun are stronger than usual during this long-awaited season, even before the temperature begins to rise. If you are only going outside for a few hours, and it seems to be quite cold, still put on sunscreen! Prevention is the best treatment for sunburn. In the event where you or one of your children becomes red as a result of sunburn, prevention cannot do anything for you. As a result, here is a list of home remedies that may help relieve the pain and redness.

  • Stay hydrated. Since sunburn is simply the dehydration of your skin, drinking lots of fluids will aid in its rejuvenation.
  • Apply a cold compress. This cools the skin immediately and replaces some of the moisture lost as a result of the burn.
  • Take a cold shower. This is another way to supply your body with the hydration it needs while lessening the pain.
  • Use an Aloe Vera gel. By moisturizing the skin, Aloe Vera helps to sooth, moisturize, and create a cooling sensation.
  • Apply milk or yogurt. As weird as it may seem, these dairy products can soothe the skin by applying a protein-like film and moisturizing.
  • Don’t pick! If sunburn starts to peel, resist the urge to scrape away at it as this will only lead to more discomfort.

As the summer months approach, get into the habit of applying sunscreen on yourself or your children whenever you plan to be in direct sunlight. Remember, prevention is always the best medicine!

Accidental Inventions

We all know that everybody makes mistakes. Often, it is easy to become frustrated when things do not work out exactly the way you had planned. On the other hand, sometimes the unexpected happens when something that wasn’t “your way” turned out quite decently – and even better. Looking back on history, we can see many events when this unpredicted occurrence took place. Surprisingly, many of these occurrences accidentally produced every-day household items that we often take for granted. Here are a few “failures” that turned out to be just the opposite:

  • Potato Chips – In 1853, George Crum was busy preparing a meal for one rich houseguest. Being the chef of Moon’s Lake House in New York, Crum was well-known throughout the surrounding areas as a man who could make almost anything taste delicious. After serving this certain guest his famous fried potatoes, he received a complaint that the potatoes were too thick. Mr. Crum rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He sliced the next batch as thin as a hair and poured on extra salt in an attempt to enrage the customer. After the potatoes had been cooked until they were breakable, George Crum brought out his second ‘attempt,’ most likely with a devious grin. However, the plan backfired when the houseguest greatly enjoyed these ‘chips’ and ordered another serving. Eventually, this new snack became known as “Saratoga Chips” throughout New York, and later spread to New England and the rest of the world.
  • Silly Putty – During World War II, rubber was a scarce commodity. Since Japan had been attacking the rubber-exporting countries in Asia, America had no place to obtain it. Understanding this problem, James Wright, an employee of General Electric, determined to create a synthetic type of rubber for Americans to use. In 1943, after mixing boric acid and silicone oil, Wright created a sticky substance that resembled rubber, but was softer. However, no company wanted this new invention. Years later, after many disappointing meetings with factories, James Wright realized how enjoyable it was to play with and decided to sell the product by himself. Since it was Easter time, Wright sold this ‘goop’ in Easter eggs. Soon, “Silly Putty” spread throughout the nation.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – Ruth Graves Wakefield, along with her husband Kenneth, owned the Toll House Inn in scenic Massachusetts. On one day in 1930, Ruth was about to make her famous “Butter Drop Do” cookies for her guests, when she realized she did not have any more baker’s chocolate! In the spur of the moment, she decided to break up a bar of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate instead and add it into the batter. Hoping the chocolate would melt and cause the cookies to turn a delicious chocolate color while baking, Wakefield was disappointed when she removed the dessert from the oven. Instead of flowing into the batter, the chips of chocolate had only melted slightly and remained in place. Nevertheless, her guests still needed a dessert, so she served her impromptu attempt at a replacement. To her surprise, those staying at the Toll House Inn loved them! The fame of these cookies spread, and everyone was asking for her recipe, including Mr. Nestle himself! Eventually, they made a deal: Mrs. Wakefield would receive a lifetime supply of Nestle’s chocolate if he could print her recipe on each and every bar!

To read about more accidental inventions, visit: https://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2012/1005/The-20-most-fascinating-accidental-inventions/Potato-chips

National Day of Prayer

As we look around us in this sin-cursed world, tragedies and attacks occur from every imaginable angle. We become discouraged when our nation, once founded on Biblical principles, seems to have no hope. However, while it is true that we have travelled a long distance from where we began, it is not true that God cannot and will not bring another revival in the morally-decaying United States of America. Tomorrow, the National Day of Prayer, is a day for the citizens of this nation to humble themselves, and pray, and seek God’s face (2 Chronicles 7:14). Let us band together across the country to pray and ask God to send revival in our nation.

  • Pray for the federal, state, and local governments and their executive, legislative, and judicial branches, including the police and first responders.
  • Pray for the military, that the leaders would have wisdom, and that the soldiers will have divine protection, along with courage and dependence on God.
  • Pray for the media, that those who are fighting to portray truth will be heard.
  • Pray for the businesses of the United States, that they would have leaders of integrity that create economic blessings and prosperity.
  • Pray that the education in this nation will go back to being centered on truth, instead of theories, and that the students will be driven by excellence.
  • Pray for our churches, that most of all they would be centered on the message of the Gospel while striving in their mission to make disciples.
  • Pray for our families, as they have been redefined and changed to ways never thought possible, that they would return to the way God designed, that there would be reconciliation in broken relationships, and that God’s love will unite each one.

Luke 1:37 ~ “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”


This is Illegal?

In each state throughout America, the laws that the government enforces change and vary. Actions that are completely legal in one state may be totally illegal in a neighboring state. As a result, you may find yourself breaking the law without even knowing it! In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, here is a list of odd laws that are sure to keep you safe and make you laugh:

  • In Arkansas, it is illegal to pronounce the name of this state incorrectly.
  • In Connecticut, in order for a pickle to be legally considered a pickle, it must bounce.
  • In Georgia, the law prohibits the eating of fried chicken with utensils.
  • Hawaii has outlawed billboards in order to preserve the state’s natural beauty.
  • In Iowa, one may be incarcerated for passing off any butter replacement as real butter.
  • In Topeka, Kansas, it is illegal to throw a snowball, according to a poorly-worded law.
  • Louisiana officials will fine $1,500 for the theft of someone else’s catfish.
  • In Minnesota, it is against the law to grease a pig with the intent of catching it again.
  • It is illegal in Montana to play Frisbee golf where it is not specifically designated for that purpose.
  • In Nevada, it is illegal to use an x-ray machine to determine someone’s shoe size.
  • Those in New Hampshire are forbidden from collecting seaweed from the beach at night.
  • In New York, pre-sliced bagels are taxable, while whole bagels are not.
  • It is illegal to wrestle a bear in Oklahoma.
  • In Oregon, it is illegal to test your physical endurance… while driving.
  • It is unlawful to impersonate an auctioneer in Rhode Island.
  • In Vermont, a law prohibits the prohibiting of the use of clotheslines.
  • In Virginia, it is illegal to keep a skunk as a pet.

Make sure to keep these in mind as you travel on your next vacation!

Healthy Snacks

We all know how kids (and teens especially) love eating tasty snacks. Nevertheless, these hungry individuals do not usually deem the words tasty and healthy as near synonyms. In their minds, perhaps, a “healthy” diet consists of chowing down on leafy greens all day while drinking disgustingly-colored beverages. With a little food education and taste testing, we can demonstrate how healthy snacks can have a bursting flavor, a crunchy texture, and even a sweet aroma. Here is a list of some healthy snack foods that you and your family will be sure to enjoy:

  • Apples and peanut butter

This common fruit has plenty of nutritious benefits that will excite your taste buds as they mix with the creamy texture and nutty flavor of the peanut butter.

  • Vegetables and ranch dressing

Any crunchy vegetable, such as peppers, cucumbers, or grape tomatoes, can become even tastier with the accompaniment of creamy ranch dressing.

  • Popcorn

This easy snack is good eaten plain, but it becomes great when topped with a swirl of melted butter and a couple shakes of salt.

  • Hummus and carrots

When paired with hummus (a creamy paste made primarily from chick peas and tahini) carrots can fill the desire for a dip-and-crunch type of treat.

  • Yogurt

With the exception of sugar-filled, dessert-type yogurts, this dairy product can be a great snack when paired with fresh or frozen berries.

  • Chips and salsa (or guacamole)

Corn chips create a wonderful and crunchy bite, especially when paired with spicy salsa or cold guacamole.

  • Frozen fruit pops

Skip the packaged kind and make your own by freezing fruits such as bananas sliced in half or big chunks of mango on wooden sticks.

  • Nuts

Although nuts are high in calories, they can have many health benefits when eaten in small amounts, such as a small handful or two.

  • Oranges and clementines

Being naturally sweet, these fruits can energize with natural sugars while providing nutritious vitamins as well.

The next time your children ask for a snack, you might be surprised when they smile at the thought of eating fruits and vegetables!

Scouting Out the Boy Scouts

In the United States today, over two and a half million members compose the coalition of the Boy Scouts of America. However, this program that instills trustworthiness, good citizenship, and outdoor skills, is not exclusive to this country. Together with the U.S., over forty nations across the globe also participate, contributing to the worldwide Scout population of over 28 million. Usually, words such as camping, hiking, good deeds, and the outdoors come to mind when the Boy Scouts are mentioned. But, those activities were not on the mind of the one who initiated this now worldwide organization. Here are some facts about how the Boy Scouts got started and how this movement came to America:

  • The founder of the Boy Scouts was, in fact, a spy. Robert Baden-Powell, the unintentional leader of this troop, was a British agent who was involved in espionage.
  • Baden-Powell carried a ‘nature journal’ with him during his missions. However, he brought this along for a very different reason than that of most. Being a talented artist, this undercover spy hid beneath the title of an entomologist who was studying butterflies and other insects. When he would stop to draw one of these insects, he would actually hide secret information within these pictures. On the wings of the butterfly, the spy could enclose a secret pattern that would reveal the elevation contours of the region.
  • Robert Baden-Powell discovered something shocking when stationed in India. Most of his fellow men did not know how to survive in the wilderness or perform basic first aid! As a result, the future leader of the Boy Scouts put together the handbook Aids to Scouting to give to his men. Unbeknown to Baden-Powell, his little book became popular among English boys who longed for adventure.
  • When the spy returned to England, he discovered how famous his handbook had become. Later, in 1907, Baden-Powell took a group of young boys on an excursion off the coast of England and taught them necessary skills of survival.
  • The following year, he published another book, Scouting for Boys, which led to another growth in the size of the Scouts. A rally was held soon after at the Crystal Palace in London, and over 10,000 were in attendance.
  • During these events, similar groups were forming in America. William D. Boyce, a businessman from Chicago, was travelling through England when he became lost in the midst of dense fog. He stumbled upon a small boy, who then led him to safety. Boyce wanted to tip the young man for his great help, but the boy replied that he could not accept money for doing a good deed, since he was a Boy Scout.
  • Boyce was so impressed with the character and actions of this young boy that he desired to learn all he could about Scouting. During this excursion, he was introduced to Baden-Powell himself. After the meeting, Boyce went home to Illinois and incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8th, 1910.

To learn more about the Boy Scouts, click here:


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