Ways to Eat a Watermelon

One of the most popular fruits to accompany a mid-summer cookout is watermelon. After finishing a juicy hamburger and scarfing down a loaded hot dog, this refreshing fruit is the perfect dessert. Even though watermelon is such a delight, everyone can agree that eating it is usually a messy experience. One large bite can cause pink stains all over a new white shirt!

However, there are unique sides that can be created with this sweet fruit. In order to make this summer easier on you and your family, here are a few interesting and uncommon ways to serve watermelon. Choose the one which works best for you, or try them all!

Watermelon Pizza: Even though it may sound odd, this is a very great appetizer or dessert. To create, slice your watermelon vertically into round wedges. Then, top each “pizza dough” with some feta cheese and basil. Slice just like a pizza, and serve.

Watermelon Ice Cubes: These come in handy to add some more variety to your drink table. Slice the melon in half and scoop out the flesh with a melon baller. Then, chill in the freezer until solid. You can put them in water dispensers, lemonade pitchers, or just in a bowl for your guests or family to add to their own choice of drink. 

Watermelon Slushy: Being another simple treat, this is also a great dessert without any added sugar. To make, cut the watermelon in half and scoop it out into a blender. Add some ice, and a dash of lemon juice, and blend thoroughly. Enjoy on a hot day with your favorite straw. 

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