Gardening in August

If you never got around to planting a garden, don’t give up now. During the hot summer months, it is often a struggle to get yourself out of the comfort of your air-conditioning and into the blazing sun – just to get a sunburn after a few minutes. Instead, you can wait until the hottest portion of the season is over, and then get digging! Gardening can be one of the most productive projects of your summer. It is one of the only activities in which you can eat the results! Not only can you have a great time with your kids, but you can also learn valuable lessons about how the food on your table gets there!

Here are some common vegetables that grow best in late August to get you started on your garden:

  • Arugula. This leafy green vegetable thrives in the late summer and is used especially in salads.
  • Beets. Packed with health benefits, beets are another great veggie to plant after the heat begins to dissipate.
  • Carrots. Known for being beneficial for the human eye, carrots will do well in your new garden.
  • Lettuce. With another ingredient for salad, you should be all set when company arrives!
  • Mustard greens. If you enjoy the taste, try planting these seeds in late summer.
  • Peas. These are another healthy vegetable that also taste delicious, whether by themselves or in a hearty meal, such as chicken pot pie.
  • Radishes. Another root vegetable, radishes can also be another great salad addition.
  • Spinach. Bursting with iron, spinach does well when planted in the late summer as well.
  • Turnips. These can be prepared a variety of ways, and are a great way to get in your daily veggie intake.

After a couple months, you should be able to reap the benefits of your efforts on your dinner table! Not only will you spend quality time with your kids as you plant, but you might also save a few bucks from the grocery store!

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