Teach Your Children Hospitality

During the summer, as the heat blazes and the thunderstorms roll, it is often difficult to find things for your children to do to keep them occupied. Most of the time, the TV gets turned on or the video games are plugged in. However, it is in these situations that you can take the opportunity to teach your children valuable life lessons while doing something kind for those in need. Instead of turning on the electronic devices, turn on the oven and start cooking a meal for someone. Or, perhaps, instead of squeezing gooey Play-doh, you can shape cookie dough into balls and bake them for a neighbor or two. Below is a list of friendly, hospitable, actions that you can do with your kids to help them make the most of their time during the rest of the summer:

  • Make a meal for a nearby family or a close neighbor. This simple action will maybe only take an hour of your time, but it will certainly make a lasting impact in the lives of the person you choose to bless.
  • Bring over a cold jug of lemonade. On a hot day, this is a nice way for you and your children to get to know the family that just moved in. This simple gesture will open many doors for you to build relationships with your neighbors or families within your church.
  • If you have an older son in your family, encourage him to offer his lawnmowing services to the elderly ladies nearby at a low cost.
  • For the young girls, ask them to help out in the garden with the neighbor lady next door.
  • In the heat of the summer, your boys can get to work washing a car, and in the winter they can take a shovel and move some snow for an elderly man.
  • If you have a teenaged girl, ask around to find a young mother who needs a break from her children to go shopping. This can teach your young women character traits that they will need for motherhood.
  • In order to do something neighborly as a family, bake a couple trays of cookies and put them in the freezer for when a family needs some cheering up or a good dose of hospitality.

As we finish up the summer, let’s be looking for ways to bless our neighbors and teach our children to do the same.

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