Did You Know?

The First Day of Spring… Or is it?

Even though the weather may not be cooperating with tulip bulbs and gardeners, spring is actually, finally, really here! Yesterday, March 20th, was the first official day of spring, if you mark the seasons according to the astronomical method. Surprisingly, there is another way which people use in order to record when the first day… Read More

Horseback Librarians of the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time of hardship, heartache, and loss for many around the country. After the GDP suddenly dropped 15 percent, over 15 million people were left without jobs. Being a poor state before the Depression hit, Kentucky was majorly affected by the nation-wide economic collapse, and can be labeled as one of… Read More

Things You Didn’t Know About Daylight Saving Time

It’s that time of year again: time to change the clocks! For many years, The United States has observed daylight saving time by setting our clocks one hour ahead in the spring, and one hour back in the fall. This Sunday, March 11th, don’t forget to reset your clocks, watches, microwaves, ovens, coffee makers, etc.… Read More

History of the Leap Year

February, the shortest month of the year, is the only month that has a varying number of days. Just about every four years, the world experiences Leap Day in order to keep God’s calendar lined up with man’s calendar. Leap day is always celebrated on February 29th, and has been for many years. Why do… Read More

Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know about the First President

Although everyone knows the name of George Washington, many do not know much about this great historical figure. Of course, they remember from history class that he was the first president and that he crossed the Delaware River. Not only did he win the battle on that winter day, but he also became the center… Read More

Love is in the air!

Around this time of year, flowers, hearts, and sweet treats are largely sold and advertised in just about every store and magazine. People generously give presents consisting of rich chocolate, fresh flowers, or even expensive jewelry. Each Valentine’s Day, the money spent on gifts for loved ones in the United States is a total of… Read More

Unicorns in the Bible!

Did you know that unicorns are actually mentioned in the Bible? As a matter of fact, the word “unicorn” appears nine times in the King James Version, in five different books, written by five different authors. One of these who mentioned a unicorn was God himself! Below are some of the verses: Job 39:9 –… Read More

How to Stay Healthy in Cold and Flu Season

Around this chilly time of year, sicknesses of all sorts and kinds are quickly passed on from family to family through various places. At church, at your local homeschool group, or even at the grocery store, you can become a victim to those pesky, invisible germs. As a result, you may have sickness in your… Read More

Make Household Chores Fun!

The word ‘chores’ doesn’t always need to be a synonym to ‘drudgery’. In your house, a synonym for ‘chores’ can be ‘fun’! Maybe you can call chore time ‘mission time’ where you seek to wipe out all of the bad guys from your house. In this case, those bad guys are germs. Here are some… Read More

Sledding Physics!

Winter is here! Even though it might seem like it started many months ago, this is merely just the beginning. Soon, snow angels, snowmen, and snow forts will decorate your yard (depending on your location, of course). Around this time of year, it is tempting to play in the snow all day and forget about… Read More