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We are Taking a Brief Pause!

The EverBright Team is going to take a brief pause in publishing our weekly newsletter. We will return soon with more insightful content to drive your homeschool toward success.  Please remember, this Monday, September 3rd, marks the annual holiday of Labor Day. For many families, it is a special time to enjoy each other’s company as… Read More

Start Your School Year Off Right

Here we are once again – another summer just about to end, and the school year is beginning. For most families, unhappy groans and miserable grunts can be heard throughout the house at the mention of the word ‘school.’ As a parent, your job never stops. Whether your children realize it or not, they look… Read More

Gardening in August

If you never got around to planting a garden, don’t give up now. During the hot summer months, it is often a struggle to get yourself out of the comfort of your air-conditioning and into the blazing sun – just to get a sunburn after a few minutes. Instead, you can wait until the hottest… Read More

Teach Your Children Hospitality

During the summer, as the heat blazes and the thunderstorms roll, it is often difficult to find things for your children to do to keep them occupied. Most of the time, the TV gets turned on or the video games are plugged in. However, it is in these situations that you can take the opportunity… Read More


Boom! A large thunderhead claps nearby, seeming to be right above your house. Moments earlier, a bright flash of light lit up the night outside. Rain drops heavily on the roof as the weather becomes more severe. When large storms such as this one occur, it is amazing to see what actually causes these weather… Read More

Ways to Eat a Watermelon

One of the most popular fruits to accompany a mid-summer cookout is watermelon. After finishing a juicy hamburger and scarfing down a loaded hot dog, this refreshing fruit is the perfect dessert. Even though watermelon is such a delight, everyone can agree that eating it is usually a messy experience. One large bite can cause… Read More

How to Run a Lemonade Stand

Summer is ripe for learning. Even though the textbooks and pencils are put away for the year, you can still teach your children hands-on life lessons. By encouraging your kids to run a lemonade stand, you can pass on these valuable skills: cooking, working as a team, and handling money. Entrepreneurship is a rare gem… Read More

Stay Cool

The weather is hot, but we don’t want to be! As summer gradually comes upon us, the average temperatures will begin to rise – especially during the daytime when the sun is at its brightest. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, it is often unpleasant to go out of doors. However, nobody likes to… Read More

The History of Our Nation’s Independence

This country, the greatest on earth, enables its citizens to live freely under certain guidelines of law. However, those of us who live in the twenty-first century often forget the lives that those American soldiers gave up in order to pass on that freedom to our generation. As we approach the anniversary of our nation’s… Read More

How Do Fireworks Work?

Everyone enjoys a nice show of fireworks with their sparkling colors and shimmering lights. In just a short week, Independence Day will be here, and so will the explosions of these interesting chemical reactions. Interestingly, the Chinese are credited with creating fireworks many centuries ago somewhere between 960 and 1279 A.D. At special events and… Read More