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Go Camping

Hey Mom and Dad, For almost my whole adult life I thought there were TWO types of people in the world: those who CAN and those who CAMP. I just assumed camping was for those families or individuals who either couldn’t afford to stay in hotels… or were raised by bears and preferred to use… Read More

A Memorial Day Lesson from a Military Mom

There are numerous holidays throughout the year that celebrate the United States military and those who have served in it. It’s easy for “civilians” to mix them up, but now that social media has become so prevalent, the reminders about the differences come quickly around this time. Some are preachy: “Remember: Memorial Day is for… Read More

The Family Juices Project

Hey Mom and Dad, Just got back from the 2018 maiden voyage of the Familyman Mobile RV. Besides being a little windy in Oklahoma, the RV did great… and got my traveling juices flowing once again. The traveling juices settle down a bit when you’re not on the road and are replaced by tranquil thoughts… Read More

Mom – Business Owner – Reservist

I always feel torn. I’m the mom of two great kids, wife to a man who seriously should be canonized, owner of two small businesses, and a military Reservist. That’s right. Sometimes the civilian hat comes off and the Air Force hat goes on. When that happens, I travel away from my wonderful suburban life… Read More

Weather Science Anyone?

Hands-on learning is awesome for those that get bored easily. The “what if” and “I wonder” questions get answered naturally as one works through the activity. Hands-on activities can reinforce a subject or a lesson you already plan to teach or serve as fun, “teachable moments.” As the month of May has arrived, the study… Read More

Mother’s Day

OK, I’m running short on time so let me cut to the chase. Dad, this article is for you. Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Now if your kids are like most kids, then that thought hasn’t even entered their little, ungrateful minds yet. So it’s your job to ‘make it happen.’ Yes, I know that… Read More

Get those Kids into the Garden!

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to get those kids outside (and into the garden). You won’t have to pull or push them. You won’t have to bribe or cajole them. Seriously! Kids LOVE to garden. And they make great “weed warriors.” We’re not just talking boys here, but girls, too. This is the twenty-first… Read More

Ideas for Teaching Entrepreneurship to your Children

Teaching entrepreneurship to a child with a disability is not much different than teaching it to any other child. Only you know the capabilities of your child. You can take any of these ideas and adapt them to your child’s ability and your family schedule. The most important thing to remember is to make it… Read More