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Hey Mom and Dad,

For almost my whole adult life I thought there were TWO types of people in the world: those who CAN and those who CAMP.

I just assumed camping was for those families or individuals who either couldn’t afford to stay in hotels… or were raised by bears and preferred to use toilet paper made from bark and eat things that grew under logs. If you even mentioned the idea of going to a campground my first thoughts would have been, “You’ve got to be kidding me?!!!”

That changed several years ago when I wrote to my big email list for dads (you can sign up here) and asked the question: “What was your favorite memory as a child?”

The reason for my asking was to read what all the dads said, isolate the trends, and to replicate the winners so that my kids will have some of those same great memories.

The answers poured in and I was shocked to find at least 85% of all the dad’s greatest memories were of camping as a family. They told of road trips, soggy tents, muddy trails, and roughing it in the woods. Some camped in campers and others on the open ground, but they all loved it and looked back on those times as the best of their growing up days.

WOW. That’s bang for your buck and why I can say with so much confidence that camping, RVing, and traveling are guaranteed sure-fire memory makers that your children will cherish for the next half dozen decades.

So… can I give you a great summer-time tip? Go camping. Talk to your spouse and discuss possible camping trips, locations, and methods. Check out a few local campgrounds and make a reservation soon.

Oh, I’m guessing it will still be hard, hot, and mosquito-ee… but your children will never forget the trip or how much they love you.

Swing wide and keep your eye on your tail,


PS – Got a great family-friendly campground? Share it here.

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