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Brad Saft
Founder and CEO

The goal is to bring you something different. A good read; information that you can use and implement in your daily life with your children! Everybody says that, right? This is different and here’s why:

I’m Brad Saft, founder and CEO of EverBright Media. Here’s what motivates me: Several years ago while sitting in an airport in Indiana, I was reading an article that discussed deficiencies in students’ understanding and awareness of certain aspects of American History. That caused me to reflect on my youth when my brother and I would sit captivated listening to stories about American History from my parents during family trips. Those were fond memories. It wasn’t long before I began wondering if I was equally equipped to share these important lessons with my own young children. Sadly, my conclusion was “no”.

I started to dig deeper into the education industry and quickly realized the urgent need to develop products that would do a better job of exciting kids about acquiring and retaining knowledge. EverBright launched two years later with an American History product and since then has continued to add quality educational products to our repertoire.

As a continuing effort to address complex concepts in a way that kids can understand, we present to you this weekly read. We hope to inspire you and your children to explore with us a range of topics including American History, U.S. Appreciation, Civics, Manners and Etiquette, Family Bible Exploration and Kids’ Finance, Economics and more.

We’d love to hear from YOU to learn what subject you’d like to read about. Also, please notice there’s a place in our newsletter for you to tell us your favorite homeschooling ideas. Give us your best tips and tricks and they may be published!
I, along with rest of the EverBright family, wish you and your family the very best homeschooling experience imaginable. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bradley Saft
Founder and CEO
EverBright Media

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