Finish Well…

Many parents instinctively feel responsible for their children’s education, their spiritual state, their moral value and how they view life. They desire their children to grow into functioning husbands, wives, parents, citizens, employees and friends. They want them to love learning and continue to learn throughout life because they’re curious, not to pass a test. Developing a strong moral compass and superior character qualities and life skills that will sustain them as adults is the goal.

There are many ways to go about this task. No matter how you do it, you will invest yourself, your time and your heart and soul. You will sacrifice the short-term for the end-goal. You will personally learn a lot along the way. It’s a journey and a lifestyle. It’s not a race to finish or a competition to outdo someone else; it’s a marathon for you and your children to succeed.

Take your time. Don’t worry about each minute of the day. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Keep your eye on the big picture. Don’t get caught up in the trivial. Make sure that the journey is fun and full of memories. One day before you know it, your job will be complete and you’ll know that you finished well.

Mari Almon, Director of Advertising for Homeschool Buyers Co-op, lives in central Florida. Married to Steve, they are both thrilled that their two children, Liz and Jon, had the opportunity to graduate high school from home. In her spare time Mari enjoys traveling, hiking, fishing, and perennial gardening. To reach Mari, email her at

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