Make Your Own Ice Pops

With summer just around the corner, the temperatures, and the energy levels of your children, will rise. As school draws to a close, kids will be out playing in the warm sunshine. As a result, your next task to deal with might be thirst. Sometimes, water just doesn’t cut it, and you might hear requests for ice cream, popsicles, or lemonade. Most likely, you will not drop everything and run to the store to buy a carton of Hood or Breyer’s. On the other hand, since you read this article, you will reach into your freezer and pull out the handy-dandy popsicles that you made just last night. Not only are homemade popsicles cheaper, but they also are healthier and contain less sugar than store-bought desserts. Here’s how to put together these pops in less than five minutes:

  • What you’ll need:

– Paper or plastic cups (or an ice cube tray)

– Popsicle sticks or any kind of wooden stick (even a spoon would work)

– Juice, cider, lemonade, or any other fruity beverage

– A freezer

  • To get started, line up some cups on the counter and prepare some freezer space.

  • Next, pour the juice, lemonade, or cider into the cups and freeze for about fifteen minutes, or until the top of the beverage begins to solidify.

  • Then, take the popsicle sticks or spoons and thrust them through the frozen layer of the drink so that they stand upright.

  • Lastly, put the cups back into the freezer, and wait for them to harden completely. (This may take a few hours.)


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