Christmas Traditions

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As I write this it’s a week before Thanksgiving. Upstairs I can hear my kids singing Christmas carols and Christmas is in the air. My kids come by the Christmas magic naturally because their dad loves the season. There are just so many good smells, sights, and feelings about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It just feels like a time to celebrate the Savior and family together.

I know some who don’t celebrate Christmas and they look at me like I’m some kind of worldly-druid-tree worshiper for loving all the commercialism. I often ask them the question, “So which MONTH of the year do you spend celebrating family and Jesus?”

I can imagine the great joy God must receive from watching our families celebrate his birth, in much the same way I enjoy my family celebrate on my birthday. Oh and we celebrate Christmas.

We start the Saturday after Thanksgiving by cutting down the Wilson Family Christmas tree and decorating the house. Then the rest of the month is filled with watching old Christmas specials, family advent nights, playing To Bethlehem, reading a Christmas story, Christmas shopping, wrapping, and gobs of Christmas fun.

The pinnacle is the one special night that we all camp out around the Christmas tree. Usually we watch a fun Christmas video, eat pizza, and snacks, and then drift off to sleep in the glow of Christmas lights.

Here’s the deal: I know long after I’m gone my children will remember those magical nights. They’ll feel loved not only by their dad and mom, but by the Savior who was born in a manger and died on a cross.

That’s why we celebrate… and why you should too!!

Swing wide and… sleep under the Christmas tree!!


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