7 Ways to Make History Come Alive

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History as a subject involves a lot of reading and many facts to remember. When homeschooling your kids, it may become difficult to create an interest in the subject. However, it’s possible to liven it up and make it more interesting and very easy to learn. There are various ways of achieving this and making learning history a better experience for your children.

1. Write plays based on historic events
Plays are a creative way of learning. It allows the learners to experience the historic events. Have your children act out certain historic happenings. It will help them to be able to relate the historic happenings and master the important facts and dates.

2. Use other related subjects to explain the past events
Related to history are disciplines like geography and religion. There are certain events in history that have also been studied in other disciplines. For instance, World War I is studied in both history and geography. Whereas history explains the event, how it started up to how it ends and how it impacts the society today, geography would provide evidence that the war really took place. Combining these two subjects will help your children relate to the events and find history more fun.

3. Use creative storytelling
You can get creative by telling history like a story. Creative storytelling is always effective. You will get all the attention and the kids will learn without even realizing it. You can also invite a storyteller who can narrate the historic happenings. Storytelling is a creative teaching skill that helps to capture the interests of the learners.

4. Take a historic tour
Thanks to the archaeologists, there are numerous historic sites that have been well preserved. A historic tour is always adventurous. It allows the learners to directly interact with the past and have an experience that dates centuries ago. It’s always captivating. They will be able to see firsthand the features that marked different historical periods. This will make historic events easy to remember.

5. Make use of the media
Historic documentaries and films are also an excellent teaching aid. You can break the homeschooling monotony by watching these documentaries and films. The current generation is addicted to computers and other electronics. You can make this an advantage by incorporating it in their learning. Most kids would find it easier to watch a historic movie than to read the history in a book. Movies draw their interest, and hence make history more tolerable.

6. Use an interactive teaching method
When trying to explain a historic concept to your kids, try and strike up a conversation about the concept. Let them use their imagination, ask questions and try to figure out how that concept affects the modern society. Making history learner-centered makes it applicable to kids.

7. Allow them to learn more about the topics that excite them
Many times kids have a favorite in everything, including disciplines. If they like reading about Abraham Lincoln, allow them to read more on the historic events that surrounded him. Provide more reading materials if necessary. This helps to create positive attitudes towards history.

These seven techniques can make teaching and learning history easy. You can pick one or more and make history come alive.

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