You Assume Too Much!!!

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Hey Dad and Mom,

As I write this I’m about five days ‘land-side’ of my first cruise. The earth has stopped rocking but I’m still basking in the fun of a quickly fading tan. I was asked to speak on an inaugural homeschool cruise with my wife, and it was awesome.

To be honest, a cruise was never on our bucket list. We always assumed that it would be too expensive to afford and a giant party boat of debauchery and lasciviousness (first time I ever used that word).

BUT IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Yeah, there was a lot of partying going on… but it never got in our way of enjoying each other or our time on the boat and excursions. And the cost? I was shocked by the affordable VALUE that you get on a cruise. SHOCKED!!!!

Really for a five day cruise the cost was a little more than a hotel for those nights… and it included amazing food, amazing amounts of food, and a 1,500 mile boat transport to some pretty tropical places.

And although we spent some money buying souvenirs and swimming with stingrays and manatees… we wouldn’t have had to.

That’s the things about travel (whether by boat, plane, or RV). We miss so many opportunities and experiences because we ASSUME too much. We assume that it will be too expensive, assume that it will be too crowded, assume that the kids won’t want to drive that far, assume that we can’t get the time off, assume that it will be too hot or too cold, assume that we’ll miss too much work if we go, and on and on the list goes.

Mom and Dad, I’m telling you right now… STOP ASSUMING!!! Instead, ask a few questions of those who have done it, do a little research on the internet for best deals, best times, and best travel tips… and then by faith, DO IT!!!

I know this is one husband who, along with his wife, is going to be cruising again sometime in the future. In fact, I may even look into some other vacations that I assumed I’d never be able to take. And who knows what I might find.

This is the time of year to start planning a vacation, a field trip, or a getaway. Don’t settle for the same old same old… be adventurous, dream big, and then DO IT!!

Swing wide… and pack the Dramamine,


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