Try It, You’ll Like It

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Hey Mom and Dad,

The snow is swirling and piled up as I write this. It’s mighty pretty… but I’m sick of it and wish it would all melt away and make way for spring. That’s what I really need — some sunshine and warmth, green grass and flowers. But today is snowy and cold.

Actually, I’m getting ready to speak at a snow camp in Wisconsin. My kids like it because they get to ski, tube, and tromp around in the deep snow. My wife enjoys it because she doesn’t have to cook for a whole 3 or 4 days. My job will be to encourage all the moms and dads in parenting. I’ll speak a few times and remind them of what really matters.

Sometimes we parents forget… and homeschoolers, they REALLY forget. That’s why I speak at homeschool family camps. I’ve done a bunch and they are soothing elixir to the homeschool soul. I’ve done them all over the place, but they’re basically the same: a bunch of homeschooling families coming together to have fun, relax, be encouraged, and to “not cook.”

Honestly, if I were you and had never been to one, I’d think it sounded dreadful… kind of like going to church for your vacation. But that could not be further from the actual truth!! My kids love them and my wife is always refreshed and encouraged by rubbing shoulders with other homeschooling moms.

I love talking to other dads about the trials of fathering and my kids love the non-stop activities and fun. Why there is even some “official learning” to satisfy you hyper-homeschool-moms. The kids dissect sea stars, walk thru the woods, make fun crafts… and someone else gets to do the teaching.

Note to dads: Dad, I know the idea of homeschool family camp sounds terrible to you, but I’m telling you, your wife and kids are going to love it (and so are you). It won’t happen unless you take the first step and check it out. I’ll be speaking at Maranatha out in Nebraska in early July, but some of my other favorites are Harvey Cedars Bible conference (NJ), Sandy Cove (MD), Spruce Lake (PA), and Forest Springs (WI) but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to find a camp near you.

But it won’t happen if you don’t take the first step. Trust me on this one. Like the old cereal commercial used to say, “Try it. You’ll like it.”

Swing wide and check out a homeschool family camp,


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  1. Couldn’t find a link and would like to know where to find a list of your dates and locations for the homeschool conference camp. My family lives in Wisconsin and we ALL need some refocus and fun!

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