Travel Learning

Are you traveling for the holidays? A long car trip can become a fun, active learning event. Ask your children to participate in the preparation for the trip. There are more things to consider – they will learn from some you take for granted.

Ask them to do a little research about where you are going. Consider questions like these:

  • How many miles will the total trip take? How much time will the driving take at the speed limit?
  • How many gallons of fuel will be needed?
  • What is the estimated fuel cost of the trip? Have they considered round trip cost?
  • Allow them to map the route and project good stop and fuel locations. Are overnight stops necessary?
  • There’s climate and weather to consider while deciding what supplies are needed.
  • How many changes of clothing are needed?

There are so many more things you can include. It really depends on the ages of your children.

Once you are on the road, allow your children to map the route as you go. There are certainly easier ways with GPS nowadays, but this is a way for your children to engage in good, old-fashioned map reading which could save them from a predicament someday.

You may decide to give each of them a journal and ask them to draw pictures and write about points of interest along the way. They can also document the results of their preparation. Were their estimates and planning arrangements correct or were corrections needed along the way? These are excellent learning experiences.

There are some fun car games that everyone can play such as “I Spy”. Sometimes these games can sound “stupid” but if you play too, then they’ll enjoy playing and feeling silly with you – time flies. The ultimate outcome is that the long, dreaded trip becomes something everyone is looking forward to, and great memories are made.


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