The Educational Benefits of RVing

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A little disclaimer: almost from the beginning of this writing assignment I’ve been asked about the learning benefits of RVing as it pertains to homeschooling. Ever since then, I’ve been dancing around the question with the dexterity of a presidential candidate. The truth is, I know what they’re asking… but I don’t like the question… because it’s asked of me by all kinds of homeschoolers… all the time.

The question is something like this: “So is it educationally beneficial for children to be homeschooled in an RV… or does RVing make a good educational tool for families?”

The reason I don’t like the question… is because I think it puts the emphasis on the wrong aspect of RVing and… LIFE. What they’re really asking is: Will my children be better educated and still get into the college of their choice if we RV?”

The truth is: RVing and homeschooling go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a recipe for deliciousness!! Your children will see more, know more, experience more, and have a better understanding of America, history, and family.

If you’re asking: Will they still get in all the math, science, and literature if you RV… then you’re asking the wrong question… but the answer to the wrong question is: Yes, they will if you neglect the other wonderful parts of learning.

You see, we’ve been duped into thinking that the “school parts” are the important parts. When the important parts are the parts you learn as you RV (or just do life from home). Yes, you can force your children to do all their workbook pages, sentence diagramming, dissections, and periodic tables as your tooling down the highway… just like at home, but you just may miss the most important part of staring out the window as the terrain changes, interacting in a tight space as a family, and exploring places that most people just read about.

The absolute truth is: RVing is educationally beneficial for your children. BUT it is so much MORE than that!!!!!

Ok, I’ve got to run… I’m headed off to the North Carolina Homeschool convention (NCHE).

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