Most Family Adventures Begin in January

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Hey Mom and Dad,

We made it through Christmas, the new year and are all cozy at home in this sub-zero weather. I don’t know if you view the new year with excitement and determination or if you feel more like me and are still clinging to the old year afraid to look at all the things that need to be done.

But even I have to admit there is something clean and fresh about a new year. The old “possibility juices” start to flow and I get visions of palm trees, desert canyons, and the open road.

January is the month of ideas. The time where dads and moms talk and dream about possible road trips. Because the truth is, every good road trip memory begins with a little idea. So here are some idea seeds to put in your hopper:

– USA Southern Most Marker (Key West, FL)

– The Lincoln Museum (Springfield, IL)

– Route 66 (from Chicago to LA)

– Narcisse Snake Dens (Manitoba, CAN)

– Climb to the Hollywood sign (Burbank, CA)

– Pearl Harbor (Oahu, HI)

– Mount Rushmore (SD)

– The Liberty Bell (Philadelphia, PA)

– Kitty Hawk (Kitty Hawk, NC)

– The ocean (pick one)

– The Grand Canyon

– The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (near Cincinnati)

– City Center (Saint Louis, MO)

– A lighthouse

– A local campground

– A fishing excursion

– Six Flags, Cedar Point, Holiday World

– Disney World or Disneyland

– Back home where you grew up

– A family camp

That’s just to get you thinking. The important thing is start the process. And Dad, let it begin with you. Take the travel plans by the horns and pose the question to your wife: “Where can we go this year as a family?” I talked to one mom this year who, with tears in her eyes, just wanted her husband to take them somewhere… anywhere. It doesn’t have to cost a lot… but it will cost something. So make it happ’n cap’n.

Ooo, I’m excited just writing this.

Adventure awaits you,



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