It’s a Soggy Day in the Neighborhood

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It’s hard NOT to think about spring when the weather is warm and a pond-sized… POND has taken over a third of our yard. I even had moments of weakness where I wished for COLD and SNOW. What is wrong with me??!!

It passed quickly, and now I’m back onto thoughts of fresh spring breezes and flowers pushing up through the landscape. I want to use words like… colt… frolicking… spring meadow… and I DON’T write with those words. But the warm-up causes me to think… fresher thoughts and beckons (there’s another one of those words) me to adventure.

Have you felt some of that “beckoning?” That’s spring talking to you, Mom. And it says it’s time to throw off the doldrums of winter and… get your hair cut cute and different, clean out the closets, CLOSE your school books and go do some REAL learning… some bucket-list learning.

I just added a location to my bucket list yesterday. I’ve always been a big Mister Rogers fan and in light of the 50th anniversary of his show I was looking for a Mister Rogers Museum. A quick Google and I found one in Pittsburg, PA which houses many of the props used in the show like his sweater, King Friday‘s castle, X the Owl’s tree, and lots of the original props and puppets. Talk about an amazing field trip. That’s why we homeschool.

Now you may not be a Mister Rogers fan but there are plenty of other places “beckoning” to be crossed off your bucket list like the sandhill crane spring migration (Google all these), the garter snake exodus up in Manitoba, the strawberry festival in Plant City, FL, the daffodil festival in Holland, MI, or the Monarch butterfly return to… somewhere.

Spring is the time for learning and for crossing things off bucket lists. Because that’s the thing about a bucket list: it doesn’t do any good to HAVE a list–the important thing is to cross things off. And it won’t happen, unless you hear the beckoning call of spring and DO IT.

I’m so glad you’re my neighbor (Mister Rogers taught me that) –


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