Happy… or not so happy Valentine’s Day

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Hey Mom and Dad,

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it means different things to husbands and wives. To wives it often leaves them feeling uncared for and forgotten. To husbands it means… rushing out picking something up at the convenience store, or from a guy in a van along the road, and then being surprised when his wife is less than romantic after receiving it.

Valentine’s Day is just one of those days we miss each other. So I’ve decided to write to each of you separately.

For Husbands (not wives)

OK, here’s the deal: the world says Valentine’s Day is set aside to show your wife how much you love her. A box of chocolates and a rose doesn’t show that. It shows you did your duty and that’s about it. And if you forget… or don’t do anything because you think it’s no big deal… YOU’RE WRONG.

Instead of telling you what to do for your wife, I’m going to let you read what a bunch of wives said they’d like for Valentine’s Day. It’s brutally real… but you and I need to read their words and hear their hearts… and then DO WHAT THEY SAID.


For Wives (not husbands)

Your husband is a clod (take it from a fellow clod). He probably will blow Valentine’s Day again… but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you deeply. Sometimes we just get so busy… that we forget what matters. So as hurtful as it sometimes feels… try not to read too much into it. Your husband loves you and appreciates you very much.

In light of that, don’t get on social media on Valentine’s Day. It will just heighten that feeling of being married to a clod. Besides those gift-buying husbands are just like yours… they just lucked out this year. AND if you get something sweet for Valentine’s Day from your hubby don’t post it. Keep it to yourself. It WILL make another wife dislike her husband even more.

For Both of You

There are Valentine’s Days where you may not feel very Valentine-ish. That’s why I selected the day after Valentine’s Day as National Staying Married Day. You can read more about it, download a free Staying Married card, and purchase your #staying married t-shirt (free shipping) HERE. Let the world, your family, and each other know that you’re STAYING MARRIED no matter what.

Happy V-Day and SM-Day,


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