God Bless America… Land That I Love

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Hey Mom,

Happy Fourth of July!!! I’m speaking at a Family Camp in Nebraska over the holiday. A few of my kids are a little bummed that we’re missing the Fourth at the Family Lake Cottage where all the cousins willbe, but a few bounces on a giant lake blob should ease their pain.

There’s just something wonderful about the Fourth of July with all its patriotism, hot dogs, apple pie, fireworks, and family. We live in a great country and the Fourth gives us an opportunity to celebrate it with the people we love most.

As we celebrate… I feel a tinge of sadness, because America isn’t doing so well. The headlines glorify evil and what was once looked upon as despicable and morally wrong is now celebrated as good. Just about every time I listen to the news on the radio I shake my head in disbelief and think, “What’s wrong with us??!!”

Of course when you remove God from the equation… bad things happen and will continue to happen. I don’t have much hope for this great land of ours. Our only hope is that godly parents will raise godly children who will raise godly children… who will… you know.

So as you get ready to celebrate our independence, remember that what you do as a parent matters and changes cultures. So keep loving your children, keep staying married, keep pointing them to Jesus, keep teaching them the WORD when you rise up, when you lie down, and when you walk along the path… and KEEP HOMESCHOOLING!!!!!

And then pray. Pray that God will help your children stand in this wicked generation, that they’ll cling to the truth and only the truth, and that God would heal our land.

So Happy Fourth of July… eat lots, play hard, and enjoy your family and the great heritage we’ve been given which is so close to being forgotten.

Enjoy the adventure!


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  1. I love what you said about God. He is the one we should live for. He is the reason we are here in America. The prayer for our children was a great prayer so keep on praying for all.

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