Family Devotions

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Being assigned the topic of family devotions is like having a stake driven through my heart. It’s a reminder that I’m a loser dad when it comes to family devotions. Oh, we’ve done them, but it’s always been a sore spot for me.

How I wish I was one of those dads who began them the day his first child was born and continued until he drops dead at the age of 93… but alas, I’m not. We go in spurts. We’ll have them for a while… and then they get pushed out or forgotten… and then we start again.

As I type this I’m in a “forgotten” spurt. But here’s the good news: WE’RE GOING TO START AGAIN! That’s the great thing about starting a new school year. You get a free do-over. The start of a new year just feels like a new beginning time… kind of like a New Year’s Day in September (notice I didn’t say August).

So here’s my plan. I’ll pick a time, after talking it over with my wife who will look at me skeptically. Then we’ll start. I won’t use a devotional book (although we have), I’ll just read a little bit of the Bible, we’ll pray… and we might even sing a simple song.

The reason it’s important is that I want my children to know that God is the one we seek for wisdom, answers, and help. We go to Him because there is no one else to go to.

Now I should say that my wife has made Bible time the first thing they all do in school each day. She has a little Bible curriculum (which is pretty simple) and they always start their day that way. That’s the beauty of homeschooling because it can help you, and force you, to do what you know to be important.

Soooo… if you’re already doing Family devotions, you have my admiration. If you’re not… let’s start back up again… TOGETHER. You with me?

Family is an Adventure!


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