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Go Camping

Hey Mom and Dad, For almost my whole adult life I thought there were TWO types of people in the world: those who CAN and those who CAMP. I just assumed camping was for those families or individuals who either couldn’t afford to stay in hotels… or were raised by bears and preferred to use… Read More

Gone Fishing…

It’s amazing what can happen while you are enjoying a nice day on the water fishing. The main thing to focus on is to have fun and spend quality time outdoors. Children automatically relax, open up, and ask questions and, we get to listen and learn what they are feeling and thinking. If you are… Read More

Merry Christmas!

We at EverBright Learning wish you and your family Christmas blessings and a prosperous New Year. We’ll return to you on January 10 with more educational and inspirational content to assist you through your homeschooling journey. Read More

RV Christmas

Hey Christmas Travelers, It’s chilly out there! Which can only mean Christmas is right around the corner. Shhh… my wife starts to freak out when someone says that. She has a ton of responsibility to make it all happen. I on the other hand… get to have fun the whole month. It’s all just so… Read More

Rosemary Satchels and Poinsettia Transplants

The holidays are in full swing and for gardeners like me, it’s time to head indoors for the comfort of family, friends, hot cocoa, and home-cooked meals. And while I long to be in my garden, heading inside doesn’t mean I have to tuck my green thumb in and hide it away. On the contrary.… Read More

Practical Money Skills Entrepreneurship Teaches – 12 More Reasons Why!

Financial literacy is so much more than simply knowing how to manage, spend, and protect the money you earn. It’s having the confidence and ability to know how to create income, too. Entrepreneurial education not only teaches how to create an income, but all the skills that involve managing that income, too! Encouraging your child/teen… Read More

Having Fun with Phonics!

The best way to teach your child to read is by teaching them phonics and phonological awareness. Here are 10 fun games to get you started that you can play over the holidays. I Spy Understanding that words are made up of individual sounds is a very important pre-reading skill. The traditional game, I Spy,… Read More

To Be Polite… Is it Really that Hard?

I think the best way to help ourselves and our children to be more polite, is to look at the heart of manners. Manners (being polite) are about helping those around us to feel valued and comfortable. If our objective in life is to walk as the Savior walked and to love as the Savior… Read More

Picking the Right RV – Part 1

Hey Aspiring RVers, I’m in the midst of my second RV renovation on the same RV. The first reno was eight years ago when I brought it home after buying it sight unseen on eBay (1,000 miles away). Man, that was a red letter day. I was so pumped and excited as I pulled into… Read More